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ASP Dot NET Single Sign On – ComponentPro


The digital world is transforming fast. Gone is the day when we used to maintain multiple user accounts for different types of products or platform, even if the service is provided by a single server. We literally had to create different types of passwords and conjure up usernames to gain access to different websites. Even if we manage to perform the task, then we had the most difficult task of memorizing each of them so that they don't get jumbled up in our mind. But the recent flurry of increasing website activities requiring authentication has seen the development of SSO or single sign on.

You can same set of authentication to gain access to multiple websites, that too without typing it out in most of the case. It has been a great development that saves us the hassles of signing in to every website we visit. Thus we save time, save the pain of remembering every website we logged on and the credentials used to log in to each one of them. But comprehending how the whole thing works is necessary before explaining further.

What is SSO?

SSO or single sing on feature takes care of the clockwork of the complex thread of commands that enables us to access multiple website through a single authentication method. The most common example is how we us to sign in to different apps we download that requires to be registered, and we can do that by selecting our Google account and providing the permission of using the credentials. The simplicity of the task we do in our daily life has been made possible by a lot of intense programming to create an unmatched user experience. The single sign on works on the principle of sharing your credentials to a safe place called Identity Provider. When you are asked to sign in you do it by allowing the identity provider to use it whenever it deems fit, albeit with your permission.

The user then logs in to, say, one website, using the authentication protocol. It gets transferred to the original Identity Provider for safe-keeping and storage. He then logs out of the first site and has to log in to a second site. Here he will only have to click a button which provides the Identity Provider to gain access of the site which lends the credential which can confirm the identity of the same person. The user is not required to go through the tiresome processing his authentication again and again. To perform this simple task one has to use a simple set of tools that can work within a definite framework.

Implementing SSO

The most difficult part of the framework is to integrate itself with the existing codes and programming the website requires. The whole operation not only requires the facility to sign on, it also needs to save the credential for enough time so that necessary job that is to be done could be done by the users. There must be provision for downloads and uploads, that too without any complex or time consuming products. ComponentPro offers a complete package which can take care of the SSO protocols as well as other ASP.NET tools which take care of hosting and transfer of files through FTP and SFTP.

Caution needs to be maintained while handling secure data and personal information over the internet, otherwise it can wreck havoc in the social security of any user.
Selecting something that does not come with proper security measures must be avoided at all cost. ComponentPro products provide an instant relief from this tension as they take care of customer's requirement very protectively and provide complete security arrangements to tackle any aberrations. It is very easy to modify and verify the components. The user is also protected by the strong encryption and decryption methods that are employed along with digital signature verifications. The overall effectiveness and the usability are commendable and can take care of almost all worries of a user.

Pros and Cons of SSO

The plus side of using SSO is huge. It takes care of multiple website at a time and any user working on them do not need to sign in too every account he owns on the cyberspace resulting in saving a lot of time and lot of harassment without hampering the workflow. Also once signed in, multiple users can access the data, so people working in shifts do not have to remember additional passwords and user names to gain access to their workplace environment.

Also the cookies can be modified so that a user doesn't have to redo his work in every account he has. With all the positive impact it has though, there is also one major drawback. Any user can be a prey to sabotage and loss of personal data if any other person other than him is able to get an access. The program will not notice this as a glitch as any impersonator can gain access by just clicking on the allow button. The ComponentPro offers an enhanced mode of security to all its clients by providing extra security around its account to counter this anomaly.

SSO protocols are gaining more and more importance nowadays due to the affordability and the ease of access they provide in handling multiple workplaces and accounts. ComponentPro has built a very effective set of software that can be used to take care of any tampering that be attempted on the user account. It is supported by a lot of platforms including Google App and different types of browsers. The ASP.NET SSO has proven to be a class app that provides all round stability, protection and enhancement that you deserve.


Source by Swati D Banerjee