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Android Market – Akin to Apple’s App Store?


Smartphone users who think they won’t have many apps available to them on the Droid phone will be happy to know that Google’s Android Market offers just over 16,000 different apps for users to enjoy. Android market is, in many respects, just like Apple’s iPhone Apps Store. It is an international marketplace where people can login and purchase all kinds of apps, from the fun to the practical and useful. The Android Market application comes pre-installed on all Droid phones, so users can take advantage of apps right away. More and more people are looking to increase the flexibility of their smartphones, and apps like the ones featured on Android Market allow them to take the power of their desktop and laptop computers out of the office and into the real world.

The process of developing and marketing an Android application online is really no different from what iPhone developers do. An Android developer would first try to find a niche that a new Android application could fill, develop the application, and then sell it. There may be well over 16,000 apps on Android Market, but even though this is so, there is always room for innovation. New Android entrepreneurs become successful every day with well crafted, strategized, and marketed applications. When a new app enters the Android Market, it can grow very quickly into a passive source of revenue for its creator. In layman’s terms, this means you get to play golf much more often.

There are other venues for selling Droid phone applications, but none of them are nearly as well-recognized or sought after as Android Market. One might want to make the comparison between eBay and every other auction site. Because eBay started off popular and has the most aggressive marketing plan, nobody even comes close to touching it.

If you have an idea for an Android application, Appiction’s team of strategists and marketing specialists will take all of the right steps to ensure its success on Android Market. We have been in this business for years and were there when Android Market first opened its doors to developers looking to sell their innovations. We know which combination of application strategy, development, and marketing will be the most profitable on Android Market with the lowest possible cost. The smartphone world is going through a revolution that will make all of our lives more fun and easy. Appiction is here to help you to profit from it.

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