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All About Logo Designing Myths and Concepts


Every company requires a creative, attractive and functional logo to create an individual identity. Logo is a source of introduction about the vision and philosophy of any company among masses. Without Logo there is no existence’s brand identity. Logo of the company is the first simple identity of the company. Fortunately, most of the companies now understand the importance of logo and they pay necessary attention in developing a professional logo before launching. The logo of the company is the only way by which people and customer of the company have a point of reference .Logo is the symbol which tells the customer that this company sell such and such things and these things has certain specific features.

Every company tries few basic things to gain success in market by having good product quality or original brands as well as having most unique expertise in their field. We do not undermine the importance of these things but its very important idea if all these things should be communicated through your logo. Professionally designed logos carry all these corporate values and people feel proud to have their logo on their chest and on their shelves.

The basic qualities of a best logo design includes a reflection of nature of your company, its values and help in successful development of the company image. The logo of company should be simplest as much as possible to have maximum recall. Some companies use animal and bird graphic as a logo for showing qualities of the company. The logo should be meaningful and functional like Nike logo which is very simple and very famous among people. Everyone feels proud to display Nike logo on their T-Shirts and on their shoes. Another very important thing in logo design is color and shape of logo. If the color of logo is irrelevant to the trade so the result will be devastating for the repute of the business so it is very important for designer coordinate with client and help them in choosing good color logo and shape of logo.

Changing logo is very difficult job. Once a logo has been deigned and launched in the market then it is very difficult to change logo design because people become used to of the established identity of company .In case we want to modify logo, the company has to invest a lot of money to change everything that has been printed in bulk form.


Source by Joe Daley