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Advantages of Outsourcing Custom Software Development


As the competition in IT business is increasing, the need to be different and better than the others is also increasing.  Websites are being customized, business modules are customized and now global companies are looking at customizing software being used as well. Custom software is one that is specifically designed and programmed to meet the business, industry and product requirements of an individual customer. By doing this, you can build unique business processes rather than changing the business process to suit a packaged software. You can have all the features you need embedded in the software that is customized for you. Plus, you are not required to pay a license fee. 

 The advantages of custom software development are proven. However, it is much expensive in comparison to packaged software. In order to overcome the problems associated with getting software customized, global companies are outsourcing their customization needs. The advantages of outsourcing software customization are: 

 Cost effective: the biggest disadvantage with getting custom software built for you is its heavy price tag.  However, outsourcing has a solution for this as well. By outsourcing your software customization, you save as much as 50% on the cost of software development. 

 Save on time: In the offshore outsourcing market, the competition for IT service providers is high and so each service provider is in the rat race to promise project completion within a short span of time. Hence your chances of getting the product customized in a limited time are high. 

 Experience: a lot of companies are outsourcing their software customization needs to offshore destinations. Many offshore service providers have good experience in customizing software. You can choose someone who is well experienced and rest assured about getting a product that meets your requirements.


Source by Vikas S