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A Reason to Smile For All PHP Developers


The market is full of developers in different languages like ASP.net, C#, VB.net, Coldfusion, Java and last but not least PHP. Among all the great time has come for PHP developers in India and abroad. The reason is simple. They are highly in demand due to domestic and international requirement. Let me explain how.

Due to the recent recession, most of companies and government organizations have started cutting corners, IT expenditure is among the worst sufferer out of any other expenditures. Because IT expenditure is not considered as Core source of Direct Income, so it’s going to feel the heat. Now need of having up to date online information without losing the customer faith is also important. Its true for government and private organization. But that cost goes higher and higher in licensing and development. The response to that was simple, open source technology adoption. And what is the easiest and best to start is PHP development.

PHP development is not only providing the cost effective solution but its known for its robust features on internet. Above all the great community support has made it un disputed leader in web development solutions. It’s definitely giving a second thought to existing proprietary programming language owners.  

The other reason for PHP popularity is the simplicity and structure that is based on OOP. The programmers are taught OPP during their academics, so migrating to PHP from any other language becomes easier than ever. That adds to its rapid expansion among the developers in India and abroad.

The role of India has become vital here, worldwide India is the leading provider of developers, and that gives an edge to India for Open source revolution also. Most famous PHP based open sources like Joomla, Drupal, Oscommerce have their India based community chapters.

Advice to ASP.net Developers and coldfusion developers, don’t neglect PHP now, it could surely save your job in future.


Source by Mahendra Sharma