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A Perfect Guide To Magento Customization


Magento is known for its flexibility, scalability and rich features. This is exactly why it is highly customizable too. As more and more brick and mortar stores go online, they require a platform that can provide them with all the apt features to create unique online stores. The uniqueness depends on the ability to customize each store to suit various business requirements. The platform should also support innovation and developers should be able to add and remove modules or extensions without affecting the rest of the code. Magento provides you with all these features and a skillful developer can create wonders with this platform in order to develop attractive and unique looking online stores.

So, what exactly can you customize in Magento? Here are a few things that can be customized:

Design Customization

The design of your store is very important. There are plenty of ready themes available that you can download and use for your online store. These themes are completely customizable. You get the source code and you are free to download it as per your requirements. You can change the color scheme, the banners and almost anything that you feel like. It is important to understand that Magento offers you this flexibility so that the time to develop is reduced and you can still maintain the uniqueness of the stores.

Module Customization

Modules are basically parts of the code which are put together to create your online store. These modules you can add and remove modules to add or remove functionality to your online store. This is especially helpful when your business grows and you require new features to be added without disturbing the existing code.


As mentioned earlier you can download themes and customize them as per your business requirements. Magento allows you to integrate third party themes and create amazing online stores.

Store Features

As you implement new business strategies and new marketing plans, you will need new store features. This is the charm of customization. You can add new features to your existing store as easily as you can remove the outdated ones. You can get a new feature integrated to add some new functionality to your store.


Magento extensions are pre-coded features that you can download and install. These extensions can be used for adding features such as social media integrations, product offers, quick checkouts and lots more. You can decide which extension will prove fruitful to your store and then download the most relevant one. These extensions are either paid or free. You can hire developers to integrate them to your store.

The good part of Magento customization is that everything is open source and you get free access to the source code. This makes the software even more customizable and gives you the kind of flexibility to modify it as per your business requirements. As your business grows, you can be rest assured that your technology platform will support new features and functionality.


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