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A Custom Designed Squeeze Page – # 1 Indicator of a Trustworthy and Serious Internet Marketer


What separates the ordinary from the extra ordinary in the world of marketing? A killer squeeze page is the answer. A simple page, which doesn't have the glamor of a webpage, nevertheless is considered very important.

A squeeze page is like a money vending machine. Every time a visitor inputs his e-mail id into the subscriber box, he is given something in return. The mail id is also added automatically to your list. Big marketers have several such huge lists and this is the reason why they make sales so easily.

If you observe the pages of some of them, there are several things that you could learn. First a video. A picture speaks thousands words. So, several of them speak several thousand words. A video is your best bet when it comes to communicating with your visitor. You can tell your problem, explain the product, tell the visitor why he should buy it and also speak about bonuses and benefits. All this, without driving him away from your page. You can't hope to be so successful with just text.

Second are the headline and text. The headline catches the eye. Even if you are just browsing the pages, you just can't miss one. The text then goes with headline. It is a simple, short explanation of the product in terms of its benefits. This is only sparingly done to bring the visitor back for more.

The look that the page is made by the placement of the text, the opt in box, the video and the background of the page. It is possible to get them all right only if you have some experience in making pages. If you don't, then making a page could become the most difficult thing for you.

There are ready made templates available but they are several notches below a custom designed squeeze page. If you want your page to be like those of the big guys then hire a designer right away.


Source by Sagi Venkata Ramana