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A Brief History of Website Design


Believe it or not but website design does not have such a long history. That’s basically because the Internet has not been around that long and it is only in the past decade that the Internet has exploded and become part of people’s every day lives. So, website design is still new in the grand scheme of things, but it has certainly undergone many changes over the years.

To begin with, web design was basic html, but it has since changed significantly. HTML was a basic markup language and was simple in that it allowed websites to have headings and even link to other sites. Users could simply click on the link and their browser would take them to another webpage. Of course, early in the life of the Internet there were not that many websites to visit, but it was certainly a possibility with HTML. Of course, as Boston website design became more complicated so did HTML. The markup language became more in depth and required more knowledge and skill sets to be able to handle it properly. But then, just as HTML was making its way into a really well rounded computer language capable of all kinds of things new languages like CSS, or cascading style sheets, became available. Your Boston web design team certainly knows about CSS and is hopefully proficient with it in order to help you create an easily navigated website that is accessible to most users.

Before HTML offered users limited involvement on the website. But, today things are different and Internet users can become very involved on a particular site thanks to other improvements like Adobe Flash and more. The web is truly getting bigger each and every day and the more users are online the more web design options become available. Website design is making history every single day and things just change rapidly in the world of web design. Because of this it is very important that your web designer be aware of all the new changes going on, how your current design will be affected by the changes, and whether or not old designs will be easy to change. Make sure you ask plenty of questions and know what your web design will mean for today and tomorrow’s web surfers. Doing your homework just might mean that you save money in the long run and have a website that more users can access!


Source by Natalie Aranda