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6 Logo Design Basics


A simple breakdown of 6 basics you need to keep in mind when you are designing your own logo or getting it designed from a professional logo making company.

There are various elements incorporated in a brand logo and most if not all should be kept in mind while getting your logo designed or designing one yourself. Since all companies have different identities and the type of logo differs from company to company and business to business but the 6 basic ideas listed below are the common grounds and go for all types of logo designs irrespective of what type of business or company you own.

1. Long Lasting – Your logo should not be trendy because trends tend to change more often than one can make changes in the logo. Do not opt for a logo that seems good at first but requires changes often. Ask your logo designer to make a logo that will have a long lasting impression and adapt to different shifts in trends. Keep in mind that you have to keep logo design changes to a minimum in order to gain stability and recognition in the market which is why it is of dire importance to have a long lasting yet attractive logo for your business.

2. Distinctive – In order to save time and money most businesses create logos which are similar to their competitors. Your business logo should be significant and stand out from the crowd. The creative edge of your logo can drive your business towards success at a rapid speed but only if designed in a professional and efficient manner.

3. Appealing – Your logo must be eye catching and should be appealing to the eyes of your prospected clients and viewers. A simple way of finding out whether your logo is liked by your audience is by asking for reviews from your clients and customers.

4. Represent – Your Logo should be able to represent your business and its motive in an effective and attractive manner. It should convey the message of your business in a clear and precise manner. You have to analyze whether your logo is communicating the right message to your audience or not. It should clearly convey your brand message.

5. Comprehensible – Your logo should possess the quality of being effective and comprehensible at the same time. It should be aimed at catering to your targeted audience and it should be easy to comprehend for your potential clients.

6. First Impression – Your logo should possess the capability of catching the viewer’s attention in a matter of seconds because the decision of staying or leaving is made in a matter of seconds by the prospected clients which is why your logo should be creative and it should successfully grab the attention of the viewer in an instant.

In a fraction of a second, your logo represents the personality of your business to your clients so your logo should convey the message appropriately in order to increase a relationship with your clients and increase your clientele. Your logo is the first thing that a consumer will come across and the decision of the customer is based on the way it is created.


Source by Saad Muhammad Khan