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4 Characteristics in a Good Logo Design


Logo is the graphical representation of an organization’s image. In order to make an effective logo there are certain design characteristics, which has to be followed, in order to bring out a visually effective logo.

Following are 4 important characteristics of a good logo:

1. Defining Shape

A recognizable shape or size is always necessary in order to make the logo clear. Human brains can easily identify a well-defined shape. The logo should be distinct.

2. Importance of Presence

Presence is judged by the boldness of the logo. The logo should be capable of covering the maximum space allotted for the logo design. But it is useless if the space filled with the logo fails to convey the desired message.

3. Importance of Weight

Good weight means that a logo does not rely on fine features in order to be recognizable. If a logo is bold, it can be effective in more environments. The finest logos have a weight of existence and are decipherable when view alongside other strong images. Apply of color is essential getting a clear, bold logo or icon. Too many colors, gradients, 3-d effects and complex patterns can be detrimental to your logo’s weight. Usage of colors becomes important here. More the number of colors used, less will be the weight. Gratuitous 3-D effects should be avoided. The logo must be done without them.

4. Contrast

After selection of colors, fonts and texts, the logo designer has to see if the logo that he prepared is at all capable of creating the proper appeal. Good logos have lots of contrast on the edges of meaningful visual elements.


Source by Catherine Perry